Michael Gracey Commercials/Branded Great Western Railway Jetpack
Art Camp Music Content Mitski A Pearl
Picnic Studio Commercials/Branded LEGO Ninjago
Antoine Bardou-Jacquet Commercials/Branded Barclays Money Mentors
Antoine Bardou-Jacquet Commercials/Branded Barclays Moneyverse
Simon Robson Commercials/Branded McDonald's Mini Games
Vallée Duhamel Commercials/Branded Harry's Engineered for Enjoyment
Andrew Khosravani Music Content Moon Panda That Girl
Art Camp Music Content Thom Yorke Last I Heard
Picnic Studio Commercials/Branded Channel 4 TEOTFW - The end of the f***ing world - Fan Theories
James Curran Commercials/Branded eBay Passions from A to Z
Colin Hesterly Commercials/Branded SendGrid Next Era