Anne Horel

Anne Horel is a Visual Artist based in Paris. Not only a Director, she is also a Writer, Art Curator, Performer and Tarot Therapist. GIF pioneer and Social Media Artist, she always thinks ahead of her time. Her polyvalent work took her career in various fields of application. Music Video, Advertisement, Social Media Content, Documentaries, Art Exhibits, Performing Arts and even Tarot Reading and Shamanic Healing. The specificity of Anne Horel is that she is not only the creative brain but also the executive of her projects. Her career took off with Vine and her 200k followers. She has worked for MTV, Disney, Guerlain, Taco Bell, Red Bull, Ubisoft, Audi and many others. Her long time experience in Social Media made her a community and team builder with many collaborative projects she curated. Featured artist on Giphy, her GIFs have been seen more than 200 millions times.

Clique sur Moi Short Films
Guerlain Commercials/Branded #LaPetiteRobeNoire
Ubisoft Commercials/Branded Chiwawa
Infecticide Music Content Farandole