Valerie Pirson

Valérie Pirson, a visual artist and graduate of ENSAD, loves world building. She was first discovered by Michel Gondry in 2005 and joined Partizan after her critically acclaimed and award-winning short film “Pistache”. She worked on the animations in Gondry’s “The Science of Sleep” and directed numerous animated and live action commercials for brands like Coca-Cola, Head, Vision Express, GMF, The Observer, the Abbé Pierre Foundation and Bionade. Her credits also include a music video for Tricky and one for the French singer Olivia Ruiz, for which she won a “Victoire de la Musique” for best music video. She still collaborates frequently with Gondry (“Block Party”, “The Thorn in the Heart”, “Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?”, “Mood Indigo”).

Unicef Commercials/Branded Early Moments Matter
Eco-Mobilier Commercials/Branded The Library
Bionade Commercials/Branded Film
Vision Express Eye Exam